Located in Elgin’s industrial section stands the abandoned home of Elgin Casket Company. This once proud building has been witness to murder, grisly discoveries, cult activities, and unexplained occurrences, and a dark legacy has emerged from its sordid history. Visitors still regularly report encounters with some of the former residents that now roam the decayed hallways and abandoned factory floors.Now the Elgin Ghost Society is spending the night to make contact with the reported ghosts that still walk its hallways. What they’ll awaken will redefine terror. Evil will be unleashed, and death is the only escape.

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        Professional Reviews

        Haunted House Chicago

        Haunted House Chicago Review

        “Haunted House Chicago’s top attraction for 2017, Evil Intentions Haunted House is located in the industrial section of Elgin, Illinois….After last year’s performance that earned them our top spot, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. Even if they changed nothing, they would still have a great chance of being a very high-ranked attraction that gives a top-notch performance in a very creepy location. But, after completing our 2018 tour here, our team was amazed and blown out of the water! What an amazing show, and one that is a must-see for anyone that loves to feel fear!”

        Haunted Illinois

        Haunted Illinois’ Haunted House Review

        “….I can say that is a true gem in our haunted house community and is absolutely worth the money and will deal a high level scare to match. There were several times where their actors did sufficiently creep me out, as someone who has been working the the haunted house industry for 18 years now. I do not scare easy, but they did make me feel uncomfortable at times and that is an accomplishment in its own. Every scene was thoroughly themed to match their show, they all flowed very well and met the desire for more and left you satisfied when it was all said and done.”

        The Scare Factor Logo

        The Scare Factor Review

        “Evil Intentions is one of the more realistic haunts we have had the privilege of attending. From the moment we entered the very first room, we were hesitant by what we saw. We instantly questioned whether or not we should proceed further. Then, add together the details in each scene with the outstanding cast, that wouldn’t break character no matter how uncomfortable we felt, and you’ve got one of the most intense haunts around Chicago!”

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        Haunters Against Hate

        because hate is the scariest thing of all

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        Located at the abandonded Elgin Casket Company

        900 Grace Street
        Elgin, IL 60120

        or call (630) 634-CULT