Frequently Asked Questions


Are There Any Rules Inside The Haunted House?

We have 4 simple rules:
1 - Do not touch the actors
2 - Do not touch the props or set designs
3 - Enjoy the darkness (no flashlights, cell phone lights, lighters, glow sticks)
4 - No running


How Long Is The Wait Time To Get In?

Wait times vary by day and hour. As it gets closer to Halloween, expect longer wait times due to the popularity of the haunted house.

How Long Does The Haunt Last?

Average walk-through is approximately 30-35 minutes. Walk-through times can be longer or shorter based on speed of group. Those who are scared seem to move a lot faster or slower than average walking speed.

Is The Wait Line Inside or Outside?

Our main wait line is indoors. The wait line will extend outside the building during our busy nights. On rainy days, we do have canopies and pop up tents that will be setup to help protect our customers from the rain. We still recommend bringing an umbrella or rain poncho for extra protection from the weather.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Where Is Evil Intentions Located?

We are located at 900 Grace Street in Elgin, IL. Find Directions Here

Is Parking Free At Evil Intentions?

Yes. There is a large free parking lot across the street from the haunted house.

Is There An Age Limit To Enter The Haunted House?

No, we do not have an age limit to the haunted house. However, due to the intensity we do not recommend that children under 13 walk through alone.

Do The Actors Touch You?

No. Our actors will not touch you and you please do not touch them.

How Many People Can Enter At Once?

We send no more than 5 (five) people per group at a time.

How Much Are Tickets?

Please check our ticket page for current pricing and specials.

Can I buy Tickets When I Get There? 

You can purchase your tickets at our ticket booth on site or online via our ticket page.