Ghost Tours

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A Truly haunted location

After Hours Ghost Tours

Located in Elgin’s industrial section stands the abandoned home of Elgin Casket Company. This once proud building has been witness to a murder, grisly discoveries, cult activities, and unexplained occurrences, and a dark legacy has emerged from its sordid history. Visitors still regularly report encounters with some of the former residents that now roam the decayed hallways and abandoned factory floors.

Join us as we spend an evening investigating the old factory and attempt to make contact with the spirits that reside within. Learn about the building’s history and true stories of the macabre, and then conduct an actual investigation with the latest in ghost hunting technology. The restless spirits inside the old Elgin Casket Company are waiting for you.

Captured Evidence - Audio

Below you'll find actual recordings from a spirit box session inside Evil Intentions haunted house. 

"In This Room" - After asking a cast member where they were hit, a faint voice what sounds like "in this room," although it wasn't the same room.

"Get Out" - Walking through the front part of the building and we catch a voice that seems to say "Get out."

"Multiple EVPs" - While a cast member is interviewed, a male voice says "there is no way out of here, this is bullshit!" (beep is the EMF detector), followed by a female voice saying "this is boring."

"Jake - Yes" - During an active spirit box session, we asked if one of our resident spirits was around, and an EVP response was capture.

"Whispers" - Taken during a spirit box session. We can't make out what the voices are saying. This EVP did not come through the spirit box, but was captured by the voice recorder.